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Audio of Basic Cantonese Grammar

This audio data is entirely in Cantonese (slow speed) > Suitable for all students, including students who speak Chinese. > train their …

Learn words related to Coronavirus prevention

10 mins Video tutorial Cantonese
Learn words related to Coronavirus prevention
Video :
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A list of Listening practices

Hi all, listen more, the more you understand the language!!
I update this playlist from time to time. Keep listening, you will eventually be able to interact with native Cantonese speakers. Take you time and I wish you all the best in learning Cantonese. Stay tuned for more videos.
All these Cantonese listening practices are related to our daily life, “Daily Cantonese”, a very natural, simple and direct speech from a native speaker. Learn Cantonese through having some fun and easy Cantonese listening practices would improve your confidence in the language.