Listening 60 sec – The airbnb in Korea – Measure word for room – 間 gaan1

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Instruction :

Steps for this exercise

1. Listen first for 1-2 times (do not spend more than 3 minutes)

2. Play the 3rd time, Find the word “gaan1” 間 (measure word for room), “fong2” 房 (room)

3. Play the 4th time Find the word ” sei3 gaan1 fong2 ” 四間房 (four room)

4. Praise yourself, you have used 5 minutes on Cantonese Listening.

5. Take a break

6. If you are not tired, go to this link to learn about the words (when you have time)

7. Give me a like to encourage me to do more 😀

Explanation Video :

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