Listening 30 second – Tea ceremony in Kyoto (A1-A2 level) (with answers)

===Introduction of the content===

It is part of the tea ceremony my friend and I had in Kyoto 3 years ago. The experience was great.

===Steps to Test your listening===

  1. Listen without pause for 2 times
  2. Catch the keywords, guess the content
  3. Start and pause – Listen each sentence
  4. Check the answer below

There are only three sentences you are not familiar with, you might have learnt them.

Kyoto Tea Rice 京都既茶泡飯 ging1 dou1 gei3 caa4 paau3 faan6

We added a little green tea powder 我地加左啲綠茶粉, ngo5 dei6 gaa1 zo2 di1 luk6 caa4 fan2 ,

and then add the tea 然後就加茶喇. jin4 hau6 zau6 gaa1 caa4 laa1 .

on the top of that, add salt 再加鹽 zoi3 gaa1 jim4



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