How to use Two “OR” 定係ding6 hai6 或者 waak6 ze2

You will find Grammar video and exercises here.

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Keynotes :

ding hai

1. more used in a question

2. speaker is less certain about the situation or which one to choose

3. when used in a statement, words or verbs of uncertain would be used, e.g. 佢唔知道keoi5 m4 zi1 dou3 佢唔肯定 keoi5 m4 hang2 ding6

waak ze

1. use in a statement

2. speaker is more aware of the possibilities lying ahead tricky sample sentence : 你唔明白點用 定係 “定係or” 或者, 你睇下cantonesehome啲片啦。 explanation : this is a statement, 定係is used, you can see words like 唔明白 (express uncertain)

Some of the exercises : (please refer to the flashcards for answers)

S1 ngo5 dei2
heoi3 tai2 hei3 __ lau4 hai2 nguk1 kei5 . (waak6 ze2 )


S2 nei5 jiu3 zuk1 faan6 aa1 ?

S3我無聽清楚佢話係畀Paul去畀Peter去. S3 ngo5 mou4 ting3 cing1 co2 keoi5 waa6 hai6 bei2 Paul heoi3 bei2 Peter heoi3 .

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