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邊學邊用 : 粵語聽說教材(一)Cantonese in Communication: Listening and Speaking Book 1


Author:香港中文大學雅禮中國語文研習所出版社:Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


1. Features of this textbook:全書使用耶魯–羅馬標音系統標註粵語。

2. Widely-used Yale-Romanization system to transcribe Cantonese.

3. 本書分課時立設學習目標使學習者可以更高效率地增強粵語溝通能力。
Setting clear stage goals to improve oral proficiency.

4. 隨書附課文錄音,並提供大量的聽說練習。
Providing a variety of exercises for practicing speaking and listening skills, and full recordings of text and vocabulary.

5. 本書在大學已經使用多年,特別適合短訓班,學習者可以在比較短的時間內,基本掌握學校課堂、交通詢問、邀約、留言、飲食購物、簡短講演等方面的語言運用。
This textbook has been used for many years in CUHK. It largely adapts to short-term training courses for learning Cantonese in the aspects of school conversation, asking and showing the way, making appointments, leaving messages, food and shopping, making short speeches, etc.

Hardcopy sold in HK

kindle version available, Cantonese in Communication: Listening and Speaking Book 1

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