Everyday 004 – Travel Video with 14 Grammar points

Note : This video is actually the explanation (answers) of this listening exercise https://youtu.be/K3xrk1pzUdc

(Upper beginner level) – Study time : 20 mins [PDF : https://exercises.cantonesehome.com/2…]

14 Grammar points listed with timestamps In this explanation video, you will learn quite a lot (but very simple idea, measure words of room, how many rooms) through this 60 seconds video about a family visited Seoul, they entered the airbnb and checked how many rooms there. Key learning :

0:00 what about this video

0:33 We enter (the house)!

0:45 Bin dou – Where are the rooms?

1:00 Particle – Expressing the mood of “Only”

1:30 Measure words for room and bed – gaan1 / zoeng1

2:05 gam zek hai (That means…)

2:25 jat1 go3 go3 (each of us)

2:39 gam2 – then

2:51 leoi min6 – Inside

3:00 faat3 mou1 發霉 mold

3:30 jiu3 lai4 要黎 (use for decoration)

4:00 Verb Particle – dai1 – down – sit down (坐低 co5 dai1)

4:50 There are three place for sleep…

5:05 Is that only 1 toilet ???!!!!!!

6:00 Zaan2 – Measure word for lamp Measure word “gaan1” for rooms

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