Intermediate Cantonese 5 mins learning – Good people Good story 好人好故事 with Yale & JP romanisations & flashcards

pdf download for self learning Flashcards for memorization Video tutorial available free online – special thanks to Patreon 好人好事今日我攞住好多書, 天氣好熱, 我打算行商場, 而唔行地面. 因為商場有冷氣, 地面實在太熱同太晒喇.由地面去商場, 我可以行樓梯或者坐lift, 咁我就去等lift啦, 前面有位先生, 同一時間, 突然有好多小朋友同佢地既媽媽, 我仲見到有位伯伯坐住輪椅排隊添.我就同伯伯講, 你行先啦, 我唔一定要坐lift.然後我就走去行樓梯, 而我前面位先生, 亦都跟住我一齊走去行樓梯. 咁樣真係好好, 有需要既人真係用到lift, 而我地係可以對其他人有關懷既心.當我行樓梯既時候, 我覺得好開心, 想將呢份開心寫响呢度. Converter yan4 hou2 si6gam1 yat6 ngo5 lo2 jyu6 hou2 do1 …

Audio of Basic Cantonese Grammar

This audio data is entirely in Cantonese (slow speed) > Suitable for all students, including students who speak Chinese. > train their listening and help them learn grammar and sentence structure Playlist : book information : Hello everyone,I hope you find some materials for learning Cantonese here. Many …

Learn words related to Coronavirus prevention

10 mins Video tutorial Cantonese
Learn words related to Coronavirus prevention
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A list of Listening practices

Hi all, listen more, the more you understand the language!!
I update this playlist from time to time. Keep listening, you will eventually be able to interact with native Cantonese speakers. Take you time and I wish you all the best in learning Cantonese. Stay tuned for more videos.
All these Cantonese listening practices are related to our daily life, “Daily Cantonese”, a very natural, simple and direct speech from a native speaker. Learn Cantonese through having some fun and easy Cantonese listening practices would improve your confidence in the language.